I was diagnosed with plantar fasciitis and feet neuropathy about 2 years ago with almost constant pain. I saw 5 different doctors for this and did not receive any relief. After a couple months of treatment by Steve Phillips I started getting some relief and am continuing to improve. Steve has also recommended a couple books that have improved my lifestyle and health. Acupuncture is definitely something I will continue to use for my healthcare.

Jack Ferrante DDS

Two years ago I developed a neuroma in my left foot. It became very painful to run and even walk. At times wearing shoes would feel extremely uncomfortable. Having medical insurance I did what most people would do and sought the treatment of a podiatrist. His first impression was that the neuroma was so severe it would eventually require surgery, which involves severing the nerve just above the inflamed area. This was not something either of us wanted to do. After a year of treatment and a considerable amount of patience I was able to avoid having surgery but not able to rid myself of the neuroma and its effects. Feeling very frustrated and wanting to run full time again I sought a different approach and came to Steve Phillips. Over the past few months Steve has treated my injury and helped me to start running again. More importantly, he's been able to reduce the size of the neuroma to a point where 95% of the time I don't even notice it, even on long runs of ten to twelve miles. With Steve's help I feel confident that I can maintain this level of rehabilitation and hopefully in the next few months be completely free of its effects. Also, as an unexpected benefit of Steve's treatment, I have found the acupuncture treatment extremely relaxing and energizing helping to relieve stress and increase my overall well-being.


I developed acute foot pain from years of wearing 'flip-flops' that were damaging to my high arches. I spent 2 years going to podiatrists, getting xrays plus an MRI, going for physical therapy and wearing orthopedic inserts. Eventually, I sought Steve's help and within 6-8 sessions, my discomfort was relieved. For the past 1 1/2 years, I've been walking normally and feel no pain. Of course, I only wear very supportive shoes now!

Because I had such success, I've also sought his help with sinus problems and IBS. I've felt relief as soon as the needles are inserted and it's like a miracle! (seriously)

B. Jacobson, MFT

For over seven years, I suffered from a foot disorder called Morton's Neuroma. The pain was diabilitating, growing from a sensation like a rock in my shoe to foot swelling and pain requiring bedrest. Unfortunately, I eventually required surgery on my foot to removed a nerve associated with the neuroma condition. I was informed by my surgeon that there was a chance that the nerve pain could possibly return. For the most part, the surgery was successful. Foot swelling and pain were reduced considerably, although I was by no means pain free, nor could I walk any distance.

The surgery was performed in 2007, but by 2009, the pain had not completely subsided, causing lost time from work, and a less than complete lifestyle. I could not walk any distance without foot pain, and I wanted my life back.

In January 2009, I decided to try acunpuncture to relieve, hopefully, some of my foot pain. My doctors informed me that because the problem was on the bottom of my foot, that acupuncture results would be iffy at best. I persisted on wanting to try something "else", so I contacted Steve Phillips, the acupuncturist recommended to me by my doctor.

Steve sat down with me and had a lengthy discussion about my foot problem and what he could possibly do for me. I had six treatments over a six-week period, and I have been extremely pleased with the results of Steve's treatments. I can honestly say that I was foot pain free for the first time since 2000. I have resumed regular walking routines and my daily life is not inpeded with icepacks and medication any more. Since my initial treatment in 2009, I have had minor foot swelling incidences, but I have not suffered any foot pain since I started with Steve's treatments.

I am now seeing Steve for another health issue I recently developed, and I have faith that he will be able to bring me back to full health once again


Gail W.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

In November of 2008, I came down with plantar fasciitis and achilles tendinitis. I was getting ready to start training in January 2009 for my first 100-mile endurance run (www.ws100.com), the premier 100-mile ultra. From January 1st through June 27th, training harder than I've ever trained before, averaging 70 + miles per week, and running anywhere from a 50K to a 100K per weekend, you kept me pain-free and helped the healing process. I crossed the finish line after running 29 hours and 25 minutes on June 28th at 10:25 AM. PAIN FREE for 100 miles!!

Thank you so much for helping me achieve my goal.

Jeffery L. Johnston
Quality Clear Pools
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I am a runner who recently had to cease doing what I love doing due to plantar fasciitis. During a 1/2 marathon, around mile 11, I began experiencing a tremendous amount of pain in my left foot. I finished the race, but could barely walk. I could put no pressure on my heel whatsoever. Although I iced the affected area, took ibuprofen, elevated & "babied" my foot, I felt no relief to the constant pain. I was not interested in conventional methods of treatment, e.g. cortisone injections, so I decided to try acupuncture. I'd never had acupuncture before, so did not know what to expect.

I was pleasantly surprised that my foot felt approximately 50% better after the first treatment. After the second treatment, my pain level was about 10% of what it had been. Now, after my third treatment, I'm back running again! I was astonished to see such a rapid rate of response to acupuncture treatment. I am now quite a proponent of acupuncture & will share my story with anyone who asks (and even some who don't!)

Thank you,

I have struggled with plantar fasciitis for over 10 years. The pain has progressively increased over the years and has limited my physical activity. I have tried shoe orthotics, steroid injections, massage and decreasing my activities to curb my pain. None of the treatments that I tried in the past relieved the pain I endured everyday. After receiving four treatments of acupuncture, I have improved tremendously! I have been able to enjoy playing tennis and walking again. I have also been able to run with my dog and the pain is diminishing everyday. I am extremely satisfied with the amount of success that I have received and continue to see improvements with each treatment.

Sonia B.

After suffering for more than 10 years with painful plantar fascitis and traditional treatments that addressed the symptoms for short-term periods, I began searching for alternative treatments. At this point I was taking high dosages of painkillers daily and was concerned about the long-term detriment to my overall health, and really not achieving much relief, so I felt I had nothing to lose by trying acupuncture.

After enduring the years of splinting, icing, heating, muscle relaxants, painkillers, shots, and other ineffective treatments standard medicine had to offer, my expectations for any results were not high. However, I felt an immediate relief after the first treatment, and within one week, I was no longer taking painkillers at all. My feet, which had been swollen and painful to the touch, were hardly swollen and could tolerate pressure. I was feeling better physically overall, and had been able to take a walk around my neighborhood, without subsequently icing and raising my feet for hours afterward.

The results after three treatments are nothing short of amazing, as the pain is almost completely gone and I can participate in activities that require walking or standing, which I would have avoided previously. I can't explain how it works, and I don't know why it worked, but it did, and I would recommend Steve Phillips without reservation to anyone dealing with muscular, skeletal, or chronic pain.

Thank you!
Anna Marie